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Overhaul is planned for aging Master Association covenants

November 6, 2017- As announced at last year's annual homeowners meeting, our Vineyard Point master covenants are nearly 30 years old. We were forced to accept this 70-page set of rules in 1989 by a developer that filed for bankruptcy in the following year. They're antiquated, bloated with confusing language, riddled with mistakes, and two law firms have recommended they be updated. They were drafted to protect the developer, which initially had total control over our master board, so they're leveraged to give control of our funds to that small group of people.

We'll soon have an opportunity to change this because the master board is prohibited from changing anything in the covenants, and that power belongs exclusively to our homeowners through their voting rights at Association meetings. In May of next year, we have the option to terminate or amend the covenants with a simple majority vote of our membership. If no action is taken by May of the following year (2019), we'll be stuck with the developer's rules for another ten years.

Beginning in a few months, we will be organizing a series of meetings that ALL of our owners will be invited to attend, in order to begin drafting a plan for their approval. The end result will be a leaner, less costly, more efficient master association with rules & regulations that actually make sense. An overview can be found on this website at Master-covenants-anniversary.pdf.

What homeowners need to know about
"Weighted Voting"

August 1, 2017- Many false and misleading statements have been circulating lately about our Vineyard Point covenants. Some of you have been told that "weighted voting" is not allowed by our master association but that's not true. It's actually required at Association meetings, in most matters where our homeowners are allowed to vote. At those meetings they cast their votes through their "Voting Member", who is usually their HOA parcel president. In those matters, the Voting Member casts all of the parcel's votes (rather than a single vote) on behalf of the parcel's members. This is an important right that is granted to our homeowners, and it's designed to prevent directors from a few small parcels from controlling the master association through decisions of the master board. You can find details at weighted-voting.pdf.

Catawba Avenue road widening

January 18, 2017- According to Vance Elmo, our contact at the NC DOT, the environmental document for the West Catawba project is currently in the final stages of preparation for signature and it should be completed this month. The right-of-way acquisition is scheduled to begin in Fiscal Year 2018, although no actual date has been stipulate d. The same is true for construction, which is  scheduled to begin in FY 2020. The project will include 11-foot travel lanes, 5-foot bicycle lanes, a 23-foo t raised median, with a sidewalk on one side and a 10-foot path on the other. No left turns will be allowed from V.P. Lane or Montrachet onto Catawba.

New Cycleboat is docked at our marina

June 13, 2017-  You may have been wondering about the strange craft that has been seen in our marina. The owner of My Aloha Paddle & Surf, located in our Waterstreet Seaport commercial building, has launched a new venture called Charlotte Cycleboats. The custom-built tour boats have high-top table lined by five pedal stations on each side to fit 10 people. There is also a four-person bench seat without pedals. The boat is powered by pedaling, but there is an electric motor for backup and emergencies. Guests can bring their favorite beverage and snacks; beer and wine are allowed, but not liquor.You can reach their office at 704-526-8432 and complete details are available at Charlotte Cycleboats.

HDLife Foundation needs your support

November 7, 2017- Long-tome Vineyard Point residents Debbie and Randy Dalton have formed the HDLife Foundation to honor the memory of their son, Hunter. This foundation is dedicated to providing education and resources to help prevent the use of potentially lethal recreational drugs, which are taking the lives of so many of our best and brightest young people. Hunter's story is being featured this week on WBTV's series entitled "Inside the Opiod Crisis". You can find details on the new HDLife website, and we encourage everyone to donate to this very urgent cause.

Master association board
faces legal action from homeowners

November 1, 2017- Over the past year, attorneys for our largest homeowner parcel have issued several warning letters to the master board. Sellers Ayers is one of the most prominent and experienced HOA law firms in the southeast, and they have documented serious violations of covenants and state laws on the part of some of our board leaders. The board has been asked repeatedly to observe the rules; instead, thousand of dollars of our master association funds have been wasted on unnecessary attorney fees to try to defend the actions of a few officers. A growing number of homeowners are outraged at this abuse of authority and are demanding that those responsible pay these unauthorized legal bills from their personal funds. A meeting of the Association will be called in the next few weeks to determine what to do about this situation, before these individuals try to assess our owners for payment of their spending spree.

Catawba Avenue convention hotel proposal is dead

November 1, 2017- Referring to the hotel that was proposed for Catawba Avenue near Vineyard Point, the Planning Director for the Town of Cornelius stated today that "No action was taken on the Robbins Park Hotel as of yesterday, so the application is now deactivated and is no longer valid." The hotel was strongly opposed by residents along Waterview Drive and Mariner Villas, and we're grateful for their hard work in this matter.

Meet one of
our nocturnal neighbors

June 22, 2017- If you're walking near trees after dark and think you saw something flying from one limb to another, it wasn't your imagination. Flying squirrels live in our neighborhood but most folks don't know it, because these small, big-eyed squirrels are nocturnal and rarely come down to the ground. This cute little rascal was photographed near Vineyard Point Lane when his nesting box was accidentally disturbed during daylight hours. Note: they love peanut butter!

Northcross Drive Extension

February 14, 2017- The NCDOT has released preliminary plans to extend Northcross Drive, at the traffic light beside the Shell station near the Whole Foods store, all the way from Sam Furr Road to Westmoreland Road. Northcross currently ends about halfway between Sam Furr and Westmoreland but the new route will connect it with Westmoreland, between Catawba Avenue and I-77. This new north-south route should take some of the traffic off west Catawba Avenue. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020, and a map of the proposed route can be found here.

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