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Hunter Dalton

December 13, 2016- Hunter Dalton passed away quietly last week in Raleigh, NC, at age 23. He was a resiident of Vineyard Point from his toddler years until his recent graduation from UNCC. Our condolences go to his parents, Debbie and Randy Dalton, who have lived in the Bordeaux for many years. Hunter was a gifted student and an excellent athlete, whose smile and personality brightened every room. We will all miss him greatly.


Former Rusty Rudder site will host new restaurant

November 18, 2016- The Rusty Rudder restaurant off Catawba Avenue closed last month but will reportedly be opening in 2017 as a new establishment called "Hello Sailor". It will be managed by the owners of the popular 'Kindred' restaurant in Davidson, and will feature dockside dining and cocktails. That is good news for boaters, since this is one of the few restaurants with lake access.

Luxury townehomes
project is cancelled

August 10, 2016- Classica Homes has decided to withdraw its rezoning request for the W. Catawba Retreat project. According to Rick Jasinski, their VP of Land Acquisition & Development, the revised plan for the West Catawba road widening will have more impact on the new neighborhood than originally planned. Classica therefore decided it would be best to not go forward with this project. Rick gives his thanks to all the Vineyard Point residents who supported this effort, and for helping Classica move the project forward with the Town of Cornelius

Beware of the wasps

July 28, 2016- Yellow jackets have been swarming over the wooden walkway on the south side of the Moorings pool, so they apparently have a nest in the bank beneath that section. Residents have been stung, so please avoid that area if possible; we have asked the Moorings to call their exterminator. These wasps usually retire to their nest around sunset, so it's fairly safe to walk that route at night. Systemic allergic reactions can cause bronchial swelling so If you're stung and start to have any difficulty breathing, call your doctor ASAP.

New property manager

October 1, 2015- We have a new property manager for the master association. After eighteen years, GPM Group recently resigned from our account and William Douglas has been hired to manage our affairs. They are a well-established regional firm based in Charlotte, with fifteen offices located throughout the southeast. Debby Beller will be our representative and she works from their nearby Mooresville office. She currently manages our Arbors, Tuscany Court, and Moorings sub-associations so she is very familiar with Vineyard Point.

Coolin' down, off the boardwalk

June 17, 2015- For those who don't want the hassle of boat ownership, rafting offers a great way to keep cool when the summer temps approach three digits. The shallow areas off the west end of the boardwalk provide relatively calm waters with little or no boat traffic. Grab your kayak, paddleboard, or anything else that won't sink, and join your neighbors for a weekend afternoon of floating fun. Pets in lifejackets are always welcome.


Who pulled the drain plug?

December 5, 2016- The recent drought has taken its toll on our lake level, which has dropped five feet since June. The lake is currently about four feet below the level on this same date in 2014 and 2015. Freshwater clams abound, so it's good news for waterfowl and muskrats.

Public meeting on proposed Waterfront convention hotel

August 10, 2016- A public meeting was held this evening at the Cornelius Town Hall to allow developers to explain their proposal to develop a convention hotel facility on West Catawba Avenue, near the intersection of Sam Furr Road (Hwy. 73). Approximately 90 homeowners attended from the Bordeaux, Waterview, and Mariner's Villas communities while the developer's architect and attorney made their presentations. Homeowners unanimously opposed the project because it contradicts the residential aesthetics of the surrounding area, and the section of Catawba that lies adjacent to the planned hotel is already bumper-to-bumper during peak traffic times. The presenters confirmed that the entrance will be right-turn-in, right-turn-out only. The hotel does not appear to provide sufficient parking for the proposed 302 rooms (eight floors), and the water frontage is fairly small. The developer will now need to provide architectural drawings for review by the Town. If a decision is made to move forward, citizens will have an opporunity to have their opinions heard in another public meeting.

Possum season has arrived

May 1, 2015- Yes, it's that time of year again and we're seeing babies everywhere. It's rare to spot a possum during daylight hours, but this cute little guy had just left the nest and decided to explore the lawn near our tennis courts. If you've ever seen the teeth on an adult, you'll know why Lou was wearing leather gloves. Our red-nosed newborn is now safe and sound in a foster home. They love pet food so be sure to keep your garage door closed if you don't want uninvited guests.

No, they're not otters

November 12, 2014- One of our new residents recently asked if the furry creature he saw swimming by the boardwalk was an otter. That is possible but it was most likely a muskrat. These mostly-nocturnal animals are found across North America and they're not rats at all, but are more closely related to lemmings. Muskrats have a fondness for freshwater clams; as you can see in the photo above, they like to use our personal-watercraft lifts as their dining table.

Paddleboard rentals

July 11, 2014-  This looks like fun. My Aloha Paddle and Surf is now open in the Waterstreet Seaport commercial building at Vineyard Point marina and it offers paddle board sales, rentals, lessons, fitness programs and excursions. According to their website this business is the first of its kind in the Charlotte and Lake Norman area to offer stand-up paddle fitness programs, as well as stand-up paddle board lessons by Certified WPA and PaddleFit Instructors. You can reach their office at 704-526-8432 and complete details are available at My Aloha.



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