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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How is Vineyard Point organized?
A:  The Vineyard Point Yacht & Tennis Club is a nonprofit corporation that includes several separate homeowner associations such as the single-family Bordeaux and the Tuscany townhomes. It does not include the Vineyard Point Townhomes, which is the older gated project located at the end of the main street. Each association has its own property, covenants (governing documents), officers, and HOA dues.

Q:  What is the master association?
A:  Owners of property in any of the member developments also belong to a master association. It is funded by those HOAs and maintains the tennis courts amenity, and it provides easements for access to that amenity by its members. The master declaration is a set of rules that govern the sub-associations, and its board is composed of the presidents of those organizations.

Q:  What is the cost of monthly homeowner dues?
A:  That depends on your individual HOA. The monthly dues for our condo and townhome associations are in the $175 - $300 range while the single-family HOA members pay about $30 per month. Property buyers should ask for information on any assessments that have been levied over the past few years.

Q:  Who can use the tennis and pickleball courts?
A:  The tennis property is owned by the Bordeaux and it is shared with master association members and their escorted guests. Parking is not allowed on any streets and violators will be towed.

Q:  Can Vineyard Point residents use any of the pools in the community?
A:  Residents and their guests are only allowed to use the pool that belongs to their individual HOA, unless their parcel has a sharing agreement.

Q:  I'm interested in purchasing or renting property in the community. Who can I contact?
A:  Property owners handle their own rental or sale transactions, and these have nothing to do with the homeowner associations. If you are interested in living at Vineyard Point, please contact a local realtor or look for rental or sale signs in the neighborhood.

Q:  If I have a repair problem with my condo, who do I call?

A:  If you are renting, call the condo owner. If you are an owner, check your condo association's declaration to see which areas are your responsibility. Condo buildings typically include some areas (e.g., the roof or stairway) that may be the responsibility of your association. Be sure to review your homeowner's insurance policy.

Q:  What is the pet policy for those renting or buying a condo?
A: We have many pet owners but regulations vary from one HOA to the next. If you are purchasing property, contact the president for that homeowner association; if you plan to rent, contact your landlord. .

Q:  Can I exercise my pet on the tennis courts?
A: No, dogs are not allowed on the courts, and neither are skateboards or other similar items.

Q:  If there is a problem with the tennis courts facility (courts, net, fence, etc.),  who do I call?
A:  Contact your association's president, who is also a member of the master association board of directors. The tennis area is owned by the Bordeaux but is maintained by the master association.

Q:  Who do I call for problems with asphalt or sidewalk maintenance?
A:  Each association maintains its own sidewalks and parking areas. Most of Vineyard Point Lane's surface is maintained by the Town of Cornelius. The Bordeaux streets are publicly maintained.

Q:  Who can I contact to rent a boat slip?
A:  The marina is owned and maintained by the Lake Norman Company, located in Davidson at 704-892-4619. Boat slips are available for our members on an annual basis and those docks are located in front of the condos.

Q:  Can non-members rent boat slips?
A:  The Lake Norman Company can lease slips to individuals who are not master association members, but those slips are located on the long dock on the north side of the marina. Parking and access for non-members is restricted to the Waterstreet commercial building off Catawba Avenue.

Q:  Who do I call to report problems with the boat slips or boardwalk?
A:  Please call The Lake Norman Company at 704-892-4619.


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